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E2MV Investments



At E2MV Investments, we specialize in identifying promising acquisition and development projects in residential, retail, and mixed-use asset classes located primarily in Colorado and selected other markets. Our strategy zeroes in on investments with a total capitalization ranging between $3.0 to $50.0 Million. In each project, our focus is on securing substantial risk-adjusted returns with a minimum unleveraged return of 10%+.

While we excel in spotting deals and sourcing capital, we do not handle the day-to-day operations of real estate projects. Instead, we collaborate with best-in-class operators as our co-GP, entrusting them with the daily management. This partnership model ensures that each aspect of a project, from inception to exit, is managed by experts in their respective fields.

Our commitment to rigorous analysis and due diligence, in conjunction with our co-GP partners, allows us to pinpoint properties and projects that offer a compelling value proposition and a well-defined exit strategy. We pride ourselves on our ability to be creative and adaptable, backed by a profound knowledge of the local market. It's through these strengths that we design bespoke investment solutions, unlocking the full potential of each property we become involved in.

At the heart of E2MV Investments lie the principles of transparency, integrity, and accountability. We cultivate robust relationships with our co-GP partners, investors, tenants, and stakeholders, all grounded in trust and mutual respect. This collaboration with esteemed and like-minded professionals lays a firm foundation for enduring success.

With our strategic and opportunistic investment approach, we aspire to leave a lasting imprint on the Colorado real estate scene. Our foremost goal is to yield exceptional returns for our investors, all while playing a role in the blossoming and prosperity of communities.


For additional information, please contact Marc Perusse 

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