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E2MV Advisors

Guiding Real Estate Success through Expert Advisory Services


At E2MV Advisors we offer a comprehensive suite of offerings including:

  1. Property Valuation Services

  2. Market Analysis

  3. Asset Management

  4. Special Servicing for Non/sub-performing Loans

  5. Sourcing JV Equity

  6. Investment Brokerage

  7. Development Consulting

  8. Underwriting and Due Diligence

  9. Acquisition/disposition Services


  1. Property Valuation Services: Our experienced team provides accurate and reliable property valuation services, assessing the market value of real estate assets based on comprehensive analysis and industry expertise. Our valuations serve as a foundation for informed decision-making and strategic investment planning. What sets us apart is our commitment to unbiased valuations. We are not driven by the desire to obtain a listing agreement or favor any specific agenda. Our goal is to provide you with an objective and independent valuation that reflects the true worth of your property.

  2. Market Analysis: We conduct thorough market analysis, examining current trends, economic indicators, supply and demand dynamics, and other factors influencing the real estate market. Our in-depth reports and insights enable clients to identify opportunities, understand risks, and make well-informed investment decisions.

  3. Asset Management: Our asset management services aim to optimize the value and performance of real estate portfolios. We develop customized strategies to enhance returns, mitigate risks, and maximize operational efficiency. Through proactive management practices, we ensure that assets reach their full potential.

  4. Special Servicing for Non/sub-performing Loans: Our specialized servicing team assists with non/sub-performing loans, managing distressed assets to protect and enhance their value. We employ effective workout strategies, loan modifications, and resolution approaches to mitigate losses and achieve the best possible outcomes for lenders and investors.

  5. Sourcing JV Equity: We have an extensive network of investors and financial partners, enabling us to source joint venture (JV) equity for real estate projects. By connecting developers and sponsors with suitable equity partners, we facilitate the financing of ventures, fostering successful collaborations and establishing long term partnerships.

  6. Investment Brokerage: Our investment brokerage services facilitate the buying and selling of real estate assets. We leverage our market knowledge, industry relationships, and negotiation skills to connect buyers and sellers, ensuring seamless transactions and maximizing value for our clients.

  7. Development Consulting: Our development consulting services cater to clients embarking on real estate development projects. We provide expert guidance throughout the development lifecycle, offering insights on market feasibility, project planning, design, entitlements, financing, and overall project management to ensure successful outcomes. We also have relationships with experienced development managers who can remain on the project as an owner's representative until the development is complete. 

  8. Underwriting and Due Diligence: Our experienced team performs thorough underwriting and due diligence processes, meticulously analyzing investment opportunities. We assess financial viability, market potential, risks, and regulatory compliance, providing clients with comprehensive assessments to make informed investment decisions.

  9. Acquisition/Disposition Services: We assist clients in the acquisition and disposition of real estate assets. Our services encompass comprehensive market analysis, property evaluations, negotiations, and transaction management. We strive to achieve optimal outcomes and maximize value for our clients in their buying or selling endeavors. 

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